Key Issues : Who Gets The Project Essay

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Key Issues: The presented case, A Manager’s Dilemma: Who Gets the Project, elucidates the importance of combating unfavorable organizational discourse/behaviors, and how it resides heavily with the leadership of managers. In regards to the case Dave Peterson was given temporary responsibility of the CMT unit, and with his newly appointed position, Peterson must decide a project lead for a CD-ROM self-study course. As Peterson has a personal relationship with both Seamus and Olson, the decision process could undermine his personal relationship with one of the individuals. Moreover, Peterson understands that his performance in this temporary position reflects his leadership abilities. Thus, Peterson must elect a suitable candidate, while mitigating unwanted negative consequences that could disrupt organizational climate. Prior to Peterson’s temporary appointment, Henry, the overarching authority figure, allowed the selection process for a CD-ROM project lead to extend beyond a reasonable window, which jeopardized the project timeline and subjecting Peterson to manage organizational conflict normally outside of his positional scope. Diagnosis: The issues presented in this case are unequivocally social and technical issues. Social: The discourse between Seamus and Olson reaffirms the impact poor leadership has on the foundation of an organization’s culture. As stated in chapter 10, “managers make the political behavior more likely to occur when they provide a weak vision,

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