Key Issues for Law Enforcement after 9-11

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Police officers and those who supervise and manage them are only as successful as the environment allows them to be. With regards to the intelligence function, law and policy, citizen support, resource availability, agency cooperation, political environments, and other elements of the environments in which departments operate are just some of the issues that determine the ability and successfulness of agencies to create a useful intelligence product (Carter, 2010). Some beneficial means of working with these issues include proper planning and research, opening avenues of communication and cooperation with other agencies, and training. In the post 9/11 environment, one of the key issues for law enforcement is meeting the threats of all hazards and crimes (Carter, 2010). Officers must now worry about terrorism in addition to traditional crime. With this additional requirement, officers must now have access to more information, as well as the means to send it through the intelligence process. Management is now responsible for supervising a new task, providing policies to outline officers’ roles within that task, and ensuring proper functioning of the entire process (Carter, 2010). Should these officers and managers not understand their new function, or should they be unable to obtain the tools, resources, and information sharing cooperation to do so, the new environment then proves to provide a complex task and insufficient means to meet it – therefore holding them back. This

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