Key Link Between Motivational Theory And Motivation

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Task3: Rewarding employees in order to motivate and retain them:
3.1. Assess the link between motivational theory and reward- provide example from Tesco Motivational theory and reward are linked highly with each other and the failure of one of these effects on the other .Therefore, human resource management at Tesco understand very much and aware about this. Motivation is what drives people or business to succeed in and reach desired points; business without motivated people is liable to fail and result high turnover of the employees.
Employee need to be motivated and encouraged, appreciate their hardworking attitude. Understanding which theory best fits for employee helps high performance and retention of the employee in any business. What is motivation? motivation is a process of an individual behaviour is influenced to behave differently by meeting their psychological needs, although these psychological needs are quite different and employee satisfaction comes differently, but there is no doubt employee share same sentiments. All Tesco employees have a personal development plan that based on three 360 feedback process that designed to provide a meaningful feedback to all employees and help them to reach their potential capability. According to Abraham Maslow who argued human are motivated by five essential needs as indicated the above hierarchy of needs. Tesco provides the basic needs to its employees by paying a good remuneration and nice
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