Key Performance Indicator Assessment

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An operational plan emphasizes on the short-term goals. This includes the projects and activities that requirements accomplishment in the near future so that the organization can move forward towards accomplishing its strategic objectives. These plans have a focus of less than a year and contain details of what requires implementation and how to ways to implement them. Strategic and operational planning are two forms of planning that must integrate for the organization to develop and succeed in its plans. Strategic Planning is a long term planning and its expresses the analytical and comprehensive elements comprised in long term planning. The strategic plan mainly focuses on the organisation's vision and priorities in response to a dynamic environment. It ascertains that organizational members focus in achieving a common goal (Pesalj, 2006, Pg. 15-16).
Strategic management straps up the comprehensive potential of an organisation by integrating operational plans into the strategic process. Strategic management is a task undertaken by the entire organisation all the time. It comprise combining ideas and acting towards the best idea and…
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