Key Performance Initiatives And Safety Performance

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1. Using an example from your organization (current, past, future, hypothetical, or other) provide a brief description of an organization and business scenario where you could use analytics to solve a business problem. The organization where I work is in the construction industry. We are involved in projects from cradle to grave. One of our key performance initiatives is safety. Safety performance directly impacts the company’s P&L, program and project performance, and can dramatically effect employee morale. Safety programs are a necessity in the industry and massive amounts of data are tracked on safety performance. Most of the data collected is used for descriptive analysis. 2. Describe how you could introduce analytics to this…show more content…
One major focus for the project team will be to look at data relevance to determine what data is needed to help improve safety performance. Outside data sources, such as industry specific, public and government data sources, would be used to help fill gaps or identify other useful information. Identifying other data or data exhaust that should be tracked in the future will be important for the team. The team should look at the quantity of data needed and the quality of the available data. The team will need to set up rules for data governance to maintain the quality of the data in the data mart or warehouse. The analytics team could then start to analyze the data using data mining and business intelligence techniques. All three types of business analytics: descriptive, predictive, prescriptive analytics techniques should be utilized. The goal of the analysis would be to look at indicators and correlations that lead to incidents occurring and try to determine ways to help prevent these occurrences in the future. Identify proactive ways to change behaviors and actions will be important. a. Business Case. A business case can easily be made by looking at the amount of incidents that currently occur in the company. The company currently primarily does descriptive analytics on their safety performance. By using predictive and prescriptive analytics, the company could improve overall performance. They could use predictive and statistical modeling to
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