Key Perspectives And Key Concepts In Victorian Literature

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Chapter One Key Concepts

Chapter One
Key Concepts

1.1 Introduction
The first chapter deals with the different interpretations and uses of the main key concepts, of the present work, in literature and religion; “Sin”, “Victimisation”, “Romance”, “The Prostitute” and “Esther”.

1.2 The “Sin” in Religion
The term “Sin” has various meanings in literature and religion. In fact, it is a way of thinking or doing something against the law which is a kind of God’s disobedience. According to Apostle John "everyone who sins breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness"(1John 3:4). In addition, there are many words that can define the “Sin” for instance, “Mischief”, “Vice”, “Fall”, “Disobedience”, “Evil” and “Wrongdoing”. The word “Sin” is derived from
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This is the reason Victorian people fail to understand the meaning of love and choose to be independent rather than to follow the rules and attitudes of strict society.

1.5 What is Prostitution?
Prostitution, often called the world’s ancient profession, the word itself was not used the way we would say it today, yet the concept ‘prostitution’ refers to the women who sold their bodies just for having sex. It addressed women who had illegal relationships with men outside the sacred title of marriage, it existed some women who engaged to this road just for having a pleasurable moment with the other partner rather than just gaining money.

1.5.1 Prostitution in the Victorian Era
The Victorian era marked the period of female repression: ‘sex, drugs and crime’, in this period, the Victorians were prohibited from treating such topic since it was considered one of the taboo topics to be held. However, the Victorian era was a remarkable period of time, where the level of sexual freedom became high more and more. This reality knew birth between the 1840s and 1860s, as the female’s reaction against the cruelty of the society, since this last didn’t give any kind of importance to this fragile category. Women at that period thought that if they engage in this illegal
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