Key Policies Recommendations For ABC Investment Plc

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3.0 Key Policies Recommendations for ABC Investment Plc. to be successful Vital policies are recommended in this report and should be considered and implemented by ABC Investment Plc for the broadcasting business to be successful within the EU Region in the next ten years such as: Due Diligence; Acquisition Strategy; Strategic Management Objectives (SMO); Ethical Polices; Corporate Governance Practices; Corporate Social Responsibilities; Performance Measurement and Management (PMM). 3.1 Due Diligence The first recommendation is for ABC Investment Plc. to carryout due diligence in all its investments and expansion in the EU region. Due diligence is the careful analysis of the target company (e.g. UK CBC) carried out in order to identify risks surrounding the business and to address them. This helps to ascertain the true commercial…show more content…
to become the best provider valued choice of European digital broadcasting services. Therefore, the ‘tactical objectives’ of ABC Investment Plc will be less of an aspiration but more tangible which are medium-term aims that can be are measurable and achievable and will contribute to attaining their overall objectives. e.g. the designing and implementation of a new pricing policy to attract new customers different their major competitors. The ‘operational objectives’ will be targets based which are the short term steps that need to be put in place to ensure that other objectives become, and remain, feasible e.g. providing broadcasting communicating equipment’s and infrastructures in major urban areas to cater for the future increase in customer numbers before the current year end. Perhaps they should also adopt SMO which involves providing valuable information for managerial decision making with particular reference to the external aspects of the broadcasting business, including their competitive position and customer

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