Key Qualities Of An Effective Leader

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Ultimately, leadership means different things to different people. Fundamentally, leadership is inspiration to encourage change in a positive and meaningful way. Typically, a good leader will possess: ambition and drive that causes others to want to follow; a positive attitude during the good and bad times; a keen sense of people, their skills, desires, and abilities; a prime example of cooperation, trust, and openness; and the highest of moral character (Taylor, 2014). Truly, there are three key qualities of an effective leader in this day and age, which are integrity, job knowledge, and people-building skills (Manning & Curtis, 2012).

“Without commitment there is no passion, and without concern there is no loyalty” (Manning & Curtis, 2012, p. 11). Leadership requires the leader to possess many skills, such as: determining the direction of the organization, aligning resources, coaching others, and initiating change (Bethel, 2016). However, if the leader does not have a vision; then, they cannot cause the change they want to see. Personally, leadership is about putting others needs above your own; inspiring others to achieve what they never thought was possible; acting with honesty and integrity at all times; and being contagious. Uniquely, management and leadership may have similar outcomes, but their road to success and achievement is much different.

What makes a good leader? Comparatively, some believe a good leader is defined as someone with basic intelligence,
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