Key Reasons For Having A Computer Network Essay

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Networking Basics A computer network is a group of computers, two or more, connected to each other through a wire or a cable or even wireless. You can share files with other computers this way easily. If the network is large enough and lets you access a large number of computers, it becomes even more useful. You can share a modem, printers, storage space and DVD drives with the other computers on the network. You can video conference with the other people using the network or you can work together on a complex task with your connected systems.
What are the main reasons for having a computer network? Setting up a network is a good way to get more use out of your computers and peripherals, particularly for small and home business users.
Networks allow you to share a single broadband Internet connection among multiple computers and PC users.
They are able to share files among computers more easily and also share software resources such as diaries. Networking also allows you to use a printer connected to a different computer, and access media and other resources, such as images and music, which are stored remotely or across the office
Different Types of Networks
Networks are classified on basis of scale. The area a network covers determines the type of network it is. Originally, there were only two types of networks: LAN and WAN. But over the years, other types of networks have evolved, like MAN, SAN, PAN, CAN and DAN. Let’s take a look at the more popular ones:

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