Key Responsibilities Of KARINA

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The Program Manager is responsible for the overall effective and efficient coordination and management of all KARINA programs and program staff under his/her supervision in Indonesia. In addition, the Program Manager must ensure best practices in all program areas with a strong commitment towards Caritas Internationalis’ principles and values and an understanding of the role of the Catholic Church in emergency and development activities.

His/her main duties and responsibilities are:

1. Manage KARINA’s Program planning and implementation,
2. Manage KARINA’s Program budget,
3. Manage program partnership and serving as a Focus person for Program-related information.
4. Manage communication, information and advocacy to ensure a success of
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Supervising Program staffs.

His/her Tasks/duties:
1. KARINA’s Program Planning and Implementation
a. To be accountable to Executive Director of KARINA.
b. Develop and manage program/project cycle of KARINA: planning, implementation, monitoring, reporting and evaluation of all KARINA’s programs/projects.
c. Oversee identification and formulation of new projects.
d. In coordination with finance manager and coordinator, examine, review and refine carefully all project/program proposals submitted by program and finance officer and/or implementing partners (Dioceses or other related organisation).
e. Oversee arrangement and assignment of program staff for meetings/ conferences/ workshops/ trainings/ events related to KARINA’s programs, including support for partners.
f. Oversee monitoring of program implementation both formally (based on staffs’ report) and informally (field visit).
g. Examine and finalize all program-related narrative and financial proposal and reports before being submitted to being released to funding donors and other key stakeholders.
h. Ensure that project/program proposal and program/project report are developed and submitted timely to funding donors and other key

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