Key Roles Of Technician And Business Essay

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Abstract: As the IT Industry has recorded prodigious growth over the last decade, the position of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) has become a daunting job because of the heaping business and technological responsibilities assigned to the organizations. CIO’s are enforced to successfully ensure the firms Information Systems (IS) investments as they are frequently regulate with its decisive business goals, while also planning and maintaining IT infrastructure that will meet the firms present and forthcoming information processing needs. Many CIO’s are finding it strikingly difficult to balance the key roles of technician and business person successfully. This paper also describes the responsibilities and challenges that should be maintained and faced by the CIO. Introduction: IT needs to step up and take a leadership role in working with the business team to understand how to industrialize their ability to create software driven products and services. So CIO’s are increasingly recognised as full-fledged members of the senior executive team. Successful CIO’s are much more actively engaged in setting strategy, enabling flexibility and change, and solving business problems, not just IT problems. Today’s CIO’s spend an impressive 55 percent of their time on activities that impulse innovation. These exercise include producing innovative plans, implementing new technologies and managing new-technology business problems. The rest of the 45 percent spent on necessary, more
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