Key Skills Needed For A Non Profit Agency Or Public Sector?

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What are key skills needed to be a leader in a non-profit agency or public sector? To be a leader in a non-profit agency such as Hillview Mental Health Center, one must possess a wide range of qualities. First of all, I believe a leader needs to be a team player and able to delegate projects to your team and/or staff. With this trait a manager can identify strengths within the team and utilize individual team members in manners which promote success, encourage participation, and motivate employees to maximize their potential. A leader must also be willing to accept input from the team in order to meet the different demands associated with managing a program. Patience and honesty are also important traits to have in order to assure that ethical boundaries are not crossed. Additionally, a leader must also show consistency in their communication and actions, accountability for tasks at hand, dedication to the agency, staff, and clientele, and appreciation of the team as a whole.
What type of leader are you? What is your leadership philosophy? I would say I am both fluid and flexible with both the administrative aspect of Hillview and bureaucratic aspects of holding a management role within the agency. I would consider myself to be well grounded and realistic regarding the needs and concerns of my staff and clients within the program. Personally I do not believe in a dictatorship or micromanaging of my staff and clients. I build trust with my staff and work to

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