Key Stakeholders From The Schools

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The stakeholders used were purposefully chosen to ensure representation among key stakeholders from the schools being studied. Key stakeholders include educators, administrators of the school, the psychologist from each of the schools, along with students identified ASD and their parents. Participants were chosen from the three local high schools within the City of Bridgeport, CT. The focused group conducted were held four times throughout the school year. This type of setup yielded significant amount of data. Therefore researchers suggest using a team-based process of coding, categorizing, and theme development to analyze data(Stringer, 2007). Furthermore the data collected from the focus group and interviews was place in a category system to provides a framework for reports that communicated the outcomes of of the research to key stakeholders. The categories suggested that communication difficulties, roles and responsibility of educators and the parents, and knowledge and preparation were key components of transition plan. In reviewing the data stakeholders revealed the lack of planning for students with ASD and missing pieces that might be added to an intervention plan for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The the accumulating body of information that emerges from the focus groups was categorized into themes. The themes that generally emerged from the focused groups on this subject was the educational system inadequately addressing the needs
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