Key Steps for Processing a Negotiation Session

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Determine and explain the key steps you would take in opening the negotiation session. I would point out the underlying aim of the session and the objective that each of the parties seek. In this way, I would show that each of us wants the same aims, i.e. to come to some solution equally favorable for each of the parties and that this session is intent on pleasing each. It will be focused on gain for all rather than conflict. Preparation should be done even before the first session by investigating background information of the other party and by fully delineating one's objectives of the negotiation and what one hope to achieve from the outcome. Know that the other party is unlikely to revel all that her desires or the full background of the case with the hope of getting away with a cheap offer. Never fall for the first offer even though it may seem attractive and may put a first end to the case. The goal is to please both parties you and the other, and the sessions may last longer than expected. The task too is to ascertain that the whole terrain has been covered, that no more questions exist, that the other party has told you all, and that both you and he walk away with a complete understanding of the offer and what each of you have agreed on as well as ramifications. All of this can be done within a friendly environment, by emphasizing that you want to make the other satisfied and by conducting the session in a fraternal manner. Present a unified position; too, to
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