Key Strategies For Ranking Mobile Apps

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13 Essential Key Strategies For Ranking Mobile Apps in App Stores and Landing Pages For a long time now, mobile apps have remained a mysterious place for online marketers. However, using mobile apps require that marketers re-educate themselves if they are to become successful and gain popularity in the marketplace. There are people and companies making millions of dollars from simple apps. Consequently, there is a need to look at the App market, which seems set for a revolution. This is especially so after Google made the decision to start indexing apps. Also see For a mobile app, popularity is the all-important measure of success. It is measured by the number of times the app is downloaded from its website or an app store. Therefore,…show more content…
This means that a successful app must adhere to best practices to rank highly in app store search results. 1. Keyword optimization. This is among the simplest SEO strategies to implement and is popular with Apple Store. In the Apple store, the company does not require that you come up with an entire phrase. Single keywords separated by a comma will do just fine. However, you should be careful not to overuse a keyword. Quick Tip: When using a keyword, it is important that you carry out sufficient research on what keywords the competition is using. There are a number of free online tools that are designed to carry out this task efficiently. For the landing site, developers should be careful not to overuse the keyword too. Google has a very strict policy and that could cause the site to get de-indexed. The keywords should be incorporated into the app 's name and description. Again, thorough research should be done to find keywords the competition is using that generate heavy search traffic. Those are the keywords you should target. KEY FACT 1: A survey done on MobileDevHQ studied the top 25 search results for sampled keywords. The survey found that apps that used a given keyword in their names had 10.3% better ranking than apps that lacked the keyword. KEY FACT 2: The first 25 characters of an app 's name are the first thing about an app that is displayed in search results and should be chosen carefully. KEY FACT 3: The first 3 lines of an app 's description always
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