Key Strategies For Ranking Mobile Apps

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13 Essential Key Strategies For Ranking Mobile Apps in App Stores and Landing Pages For a long time now, mobile apps have remained a mysterious place for online marketers. However, using mobile apps require that marketers re-educate themselves if they are to become successful and gain popularity in the marketplace. There are people and companies making millions of dollars from simple apps. Consequently, there is a need to look at the App market, which seems set for a revolution. This is especially so after Google made the decision to start indexing apps. Also see For a mobile app, popularity is the all-important measure of success. It is measured by the number of times the app is downloaded from its website or an app store. Therefore, good ranking of the mobile app 's website in SERP 's can be a key element to direct traffic, hence potential downloads, to the app. App Store Optimization (ASO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) employ a variety of methods to improve a mobile app 's visibility on the App Stores, the App landing pages and on various platforms such as blogs, review sites and social networks. 13 Key Essential Strategies For Getting Good Ranking And Increasing Visibility In App Store And Landing Pages. There are several ways to achieve good ranking in app store searches and landing pages. In 2013, Ankit Jakin, the head of search and discovery at Google Play, confirmed that majority of app installs (downloads) were a result of user searches within the Play

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