Key Success Factors. Key Success Factors Are Variables

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Key success factors are variables that can significantly “affect the overall competitive positions of companies within any particular industry” (Wheelen, p113). Airlines are in part service businesses. To be successful, an airline must be effective in four general areas: 1) attracting customers; 2) managing its fleet; 3) managing its people, and 4) managing its finances.
Attracting customers
One of the biggest challenge in the airline industry is to attract customers. There are so many domestic airlines that other same service, getting the customer from point A to point B, and the customer has to decide which airline they will chose for their trip. One of the ways of attracting customers is a lower ticket price per
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A story like that never happened at Southwest airline, rather it has more positive stories involving its customers. Southwest Airlines did something pretty amazing for one of its passengers after learning her son was in a coma. Passenger Peggy Uhle was on a flight ready for take-off from Chicago, Illinois, to Columbus, Ohio, when the plane turned back to the gate unexpectedly. The flight attendant approached Uhle and asked her to get off the plane. Uhle learned from her husband that her son, who lives in Denver, Colorado, was in a coma after suffering a head injury. Before Uhle had even disembarked her scheduled flight or spoken to customer service, Southwest had handled her situation. They had booked her on a direct flight to Denver that was leaving in the next two hours, and the airline did not charge Uhle any additional fees or service charges for the flight. Stories like that are pretty common when it comes to Southwest, and that made them very appreciated by its customers.

Managing its fleet
Overbooking was a recent subject in news, mainly because of the incident happened on the overbook United flight. Overbooking a flight means that airlines will accept a few additional
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