Key Success Factors for Amazon

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Discuss the key factors for

Amazon .com is an online merchant that was founded by Jeff Bezoz in 1995 and has entered into many businesses beyond books (e.g toy, music, auction, electronic and video). The company has used acquisitions, alliances and strategic partnership to grow some improved services and bring in new customers. Those competitive capabilities, market achievement, competencies and strategic elements that made to be a success will be discussed below

AMAZON.COM Key success factors

The founder of studied the book market before choosing it as a starting place for, but more importantly was his understanding of internet and
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Amazon’s .com one click shopping lets buyers make purchase with one click

Another innovation is the syndicated selling networks. Through this network or association, has a cross product programme that enables those who visit those associate sites to purchase several titles across multiples product lines, from single source. In addition, almost all web search engines are members of the associate programme with hotlinks on the entry of every research page, it’s like has a store on every major mall around the wall, i.e. clever advertising

Amazon .com has also established itself as an electronic market place enabling merchants of all kinds to sell items on It powers and operates retail websites for Target, the NBA, Timex, Marks and Spencer. cards offers every visitor the ability to send free cards to friends from its web site, these creates an opportunity to set new customers as well as keep current customer happy, because the recipients of the those cards must visit Amazon’s website to view the personalized messages.

In a competitive environment, has scaled through as a firm with the offer of value added service as its competitive advantage which includes courteous, personalised customer services. personalised the storefronts for each customer by providing more useful information and more choices
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