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____________________________________________________________ _________ B200A TMA Fall 2011 ____________________________________________________________ _________ Case: KFC in China In China, Yum! Brands is opening a KFC store every day. But this is not the KFC you know in America. A recent case study written by professor David Bell and Agribusiness Program director Mary Shelman reveals how the chicken giant adapted its famous fast-food formula for the local market. Key concepts include: • In China, KFC's strategy was to be part of the local community, not be seen as a foreign presence. • China division chairman and CEO Sam Su combined the best ideas from the US fast-food model and adapted them to serve the needs of the…show more content…
(100 Marks) NOTES TO STUDENTS Cut-off date: Submit this assignment no later than 6 December, 2011. Word count: 1500 words (plus or minus 10%). Referencing: You must acknowledge all your sources of information using full Harvard Style Referencing (in-text referencing plus list of references at the end). Use E-library: to get journal articles on the topic (using Emerald or EBSCO). Use at least 2 or 3 articles. Plagiarism: It is very important to use your own words, Plagiarism will lead to a significant loss of marks. Extensive plagiarism could mean that you failed your TMA. Plagiarism means copying from internet, from unreferenced sources, from other students’ TMAs or any other source. Penalties for plagiarism ranges from failure in the TMA to expulsion from the university. Answering: Your response to the question should take the form of a full essay format divided into a number of paragraphs with introduction and conclusion without subheadings and bullet points. Use B200 ‘reader one’ chapters (Environments), the above case, and E-Library. This TMA is 20% of B200A Grade. Essay Guidance: * Discuss concepts that you have learned from B200 module 1: Environments. Discuss also the case given in this TMA. * Review the chapters' learning outcomes in the B200 study guide, module one. * Plan
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