Key Systems And Processes Used By Ac Gilbert

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Assignment-1: Review Performance and Sustainability 1.1 Key Systems and Processes used by AC Gilbert Supply Chain: Supply chains represent the procurement, production and distribution activities of an organisation. Within a supply chain, these activities are viewed as linked and reliant on one another to produce the final outcome. It is believed that if one component of the chain fails, the whole chain is broken and product/service delivery goals will not be achieved. Supply Chain of AC Gilbert • Design –Toys are designed by a small and selected group of people who develop the concepts for the products. • Planning- the planning department translate the concepts into design and determines resources requirements, including raw material. Planning also projects sales and develops production plans for each product, timeframes for production runs and scheduling of production runs. • Purchasing-Information gained from planning stage used to purchase raw material for products and packaging from supplier. • Manufacturing-Produces and packages toys for distribution. • Distribution-Delivers packaged toys to the warehouse for storage. • Sales Team- Take orders from customers or retail stores. • Distribution- Arrange for every delivery of goods to purchaser using contract transport. • Retailer-Sell the toys directly to the end users. Operational System: Operational systems are used to process an organisation’s day-to-day business transactions. They are typically focused on a

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