Key Terms Of The Party System

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Key Terms
Two Party System: A two party system is when in a government, two main political parties dominate the politics. In an election, one party is usually referred to as the majority party, where the other is the minority party.
Kitchen Cabinet: Andrew Jackson’s Kitchen Cabinet was the unofficial group of advisors and friends that made up his cabinet. His real, official cabinet had many members that were personal rivals and fought all the time. Jackson stopped holding meetings with his cabinet because of the frequent disputes, and eventually all of the members resigned or were fired. The press saw his unofficial cabinet members as unprofessional and began calling them his “Kitchen Cabinet”, because they were mainly just his friends. Another reason Jackson did this was because he believed in giving power to average Americans, not just the rich and educated that normally represented the government.
The Spoils System: The Spoils System was the idea that Jackson only gave government jobs to ordinary supporters of his to reward them, rather than qualified rich men.
Indian Removal Act: The Indian Removal Act was one of the first laws Jackson suggested and got passed in 1830. It said that Jackson could force all Indian tribes living in states East of the Mississippi River to move out. In exchange, the Natives were given new land west of the Mississippi. Five tribes were affected and the Cherokee’s chose to fight back by taking it to court. Most of them were forced to move…
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