Key Themes Of The Great Awakening

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1. In the context of HIST 2010, some of the key themes that Americans believe are true about themselves are the American passion for freedom which is fundamental from the New England separatists to the Civil Rights Movement. The pursuit of education means new freedom requires more education. Another theme is unquestioned fanatic in the value of government. American are willing to expire me to new things. We are a very open country. Americans do not feel constrained by the past. America believes they are exceptional. We believe we represent the best the world has ever seen. 2. The Great Awakening was many emotional revivals ignited by a huge sense of religious decline, fear of erosion of religion and the necessity of “rebirth” during the…show more content…
In October, Burgoyne was forced to surrender in battles of Saratoga. Victories at Saratoga showed world that Americans could win the revolution. Saratoga will convince the French to support. 4. The Spanish were the first to take advantage of the New World’s riches by forging an intense national unity that enables it to dominate Europe as well as the New World wall France and England were preoccupied with political disputes and religious conflict. The treasures seized from Mexico and Peru added to Spain’s military and economic power. The single-minded focus on gold and silver also tempted the Spanish government to live beyond its means. Between 1557 and 1662, the kings of Spain were forced to declare bankruptcy 10 times. For most of the colonial period, much of what belong to Spain, and Spanish culture etched a lasting imprint upon American ways of life. Spain’s colonial presence lasted more than three centuries, much longer than either England 's or France’s. New Spain
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