Key Tips For A Generous Financial Donations

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Stakeholders a. Generous financial donations
b. Innovative giving
c. Support for education and job training programmes
d. Direct involvement in community projects and affairs
e. Community volunteer programmes
f. Support for the local community
g. Campaigning for environmental and social change
h. An employee-led approach to philanthropy
i. Efficient and effective community activity
j. Disclosure of environmental and social performance
(2)Environment Stakeholders a. Environmental policies, organisation and management
b. Materials policy of reduction, reuse and recycling
c. Monitoring, minimizing and taking responsibility for releases
d. the environment
e. Waste management
f. Energy conservation
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Good rate of long-term return to shareholders
b. Disseminate comprehensive and clear information
c. Encourage staff ownership of shares
d. Develop and build relationships with shareholders
e. Clear dividend policy and payment of appropriate dividends
f. Corporate governance issues are well managed
g. Access to company’s directors and senior managers
h. Annual reports provide a picture of the company’s performance i. Clear long-term business strategy
j. Open communication with financial community
Source: (Spiller, 2000, pp. 153-154)
All the companies need a tool to exam their social performance (Hanson, 1995). The Spiller’s (2000) CSR model provide a tool that the corporation can diagnose their performance. And it can combine various management technologies to develop the performance of the corporations. On the other hand, it offered a tool to exam employee satisfaction (Spiller, 2000).
There are four main principles in Spiller’s CSR model: Honesty, Fairness, Caring, and Courage.
First principle is honesty, which lying in the heart place of CSR model. The wise decision of the companies and the modern economic market all need honest (Spiller, 2000). The participants in the transaction will be deceived if the company lack of honest. Furthermore, the business system will also be impact if the company lack of honest (Solomon, 1992). Second principle is fairness. This principle requires the companies keep fairness with other relationships, which

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