Keys to Personal Leadership - Initiative and Self Reliance

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KEYS TO PERSONAL LEADERSHIP - initiative and selfreliance
Mr. Ronay’s history encompasses 35 years of leadership as a CEO, consultant, founder, trainer, and coach in technology, life style, leadership, change management, and disruptive businesses domestically and internationally. He has devoted much energy to public service and volunteer organizations. Written for the Aug Austin Software Council newsletter.. June, 2001

The ability to lead is a peculiar combination of human characteristics equal to, if not more important than the ability to discover, to invent, and to create. Invention results from the experiment with the unknown; leadership, by contrast, grows out of experience with what is already known. The Austin Software Council was
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No one needs to tell them what time to get up and go to work. If they’re in a new situation they take the initiative to ask. They ask, seek, and knock. People enter a profession without background all the time and succeed because they practice the leadership quality of self-reliance. They take personal responsibility for developing the necessary skills and knowledge to be a successful leader.

Leaders are aware that when you exercise initiative and self-reliance, you live a life with a vision, purpose and goal direction. Just taking charge can be what leadership is all about – a self-starter.

Consider the following suggestions for developing initiative and self-reliance:
1) Start a written goals program dealing with developing the courage and will to expand your initiative and self reliance no matter what others think, say or do. Keep it simple, review it daily, track your progress, and test for results.
2) Write a plan of action about something you want to lead and spend at least 10 minutes every day on that plan of action – and do it for every area of your life. If you do nothing more than just read it every day. That's an affirmation. It's spaced repetition. It's getting it from your conscious into your subconscious.
3) Take the action steps that you plan in your plan of action. Great plans and fantastic goals are worthless unless they exist in actions rather than just on the paper. They must be translated with initiative into daily activity. All the plans of
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