Keys to Success in College Essay

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Keys to Success in College

Different people wish to attain kinds of success but in order to fulfill your first success, college is a very important step and part to start with. Besides you need to make the necessary scarifies to accomplish you goals, your motivation and studies are also very important because your studies are dependent upon your motivation. A goal of this kind will determining the direction and degree of your motivation for itself and it can also make the different between success and failure.

Motivation can come from two sources, from inside of you and from outside of you. It can come from your hopes and expectations. It is from your desire to do something or to be someone, but not everyone is highly
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A subject that does not seem interesting in it may be very interesting in relation to other subjects. Third, interest is upon understanding. If we do not understand the rules of basketball game, we may not have much fun to watch it, but if we take time to learn the rules, we may find it is an exciting sport.

Furthermore, although you are interested in a subject and your are really trying to concentrate, but it could also interrupt by distraction. You cannot control over some distraction but the are some other ways to control. You may choose the place and time of study. In order to study efficiently, we need to have a place used for study. More wisely, set your timetable to plan your work and study. The kind of timetable will depend upon on your class schedule, study time and social activities. We should try to follow the rule of plan your work and work your plan.

There are some others important things you must do to become success in college during class such as taking notes, dealing with professors, good memory, preparation for exams etc. In the class, taking notes is important, it is better to sit near the front of the class to avoid distractions. Be a good listener focus on the main points of the lecture. Ask, if you do not understand. After the lecture, recall on a separate paper without looking at your notes; try to write as much as you can by

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