Essay on Keys to a Successful Organization

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In today's rapidly growing market, there are two key components to any successful organization. These two components are strong leadership and effective management. When it comes right down to the more important of the two, leadership leads the way in being the key to a successful business. There are many skills and characteristic traits needed to be a strong leader in the workplace, and many people get confused about the two. Also, one must know why a leader is so crucial by evaluating their role in making the organization successful.

Leadership is the process of influencing others to achieve group or organizational goals. Other the flipside, management is getting work done through others. The main difference between the two is
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Leaders have skills that can be incorporated into any management style to help mangers become leaders of the future. The first skill I believe is important is the ability to inspire action. Leaders help their workforce see how they as individuals can single handedly help create the future of the business. They have the ability to inspire their followers to be creative and go beyond the boundaries of the normal business structure. Leaders are effective in doing this because they aren't afraid to be hands on. In turn, leaders that are good at being hands on know exactly what is required to help clear the path for their employees to be successful. Communication/Listening, I believe, is the next important skill leaders must possess. Successful leaders make a commitment to communicate with their staff and keep them informed on the success of the business as it moves into the future. Employees want their voices to be heard so they can have that feeling that they are an important part of the company's future. Leaders must listen to their employees' ideas and use what ones can help the business be successful in its strategic vision. The last skill I feel is important is the ability to support and facilitate. An effective leader creates work environments where employees can feel safe to speak up and tell the truth about the company they work for. A leader should support their employees' suggestions and ideas. The creation of an
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