Keystone XL Pipe Line: Is it Worth the Damages? Essay

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O Canada! Our home of the Tar sands! True greedy love in thy government’s command. With sinking hearts we’d see it rise, the pipeline though no trees! It’s far and wide, O Keystone Pipeline, we are no match for thee. Our environment’s no longer free! O Keystone Pipeline you’ll be the death of me! This shocking parody of the Canadian national anthem, “O Canada”, provides a negative but factual insight of the disastrous effects that the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline would have on all parties involved. Tar sands oil is the dirtiest type of oil on the planet and if the Keystone XL Pipeline continues to be constructed like organizations such as TransCanada plan, not only will the environment suffer, but the people who are being…show more content…
From Canada down to Texas is an awful large amount of ground for a pipe to cover, but, organizations such as TransCanada insist that there is a wealth of benefits to be had with the construction of the pipeline, both during and after construction. TransCanada, when asked about possible benefits of construction, stated on their website that, “Keystone XL is the definition of shovel-ready infrastructure project”. TransCanada went on to say that over 9000 hard-working Americans could be put directly to work with good-paying jobs because of the construction of the KeyStone XL Pipeline. Furthermore, while the pipeline is being created, it was estimated by TransCanada that “Over Seven million hours of labor and more than 13,000 new jobs for American workers will be created”. TransCanada goes on further, stating that “Pipelines are safe and environmentally favorable” and that they are committed to minimizing its environmental impact along the proposed route. But, TransCanada is only making these tantalizing promises in order to keep currently neutral noses out of the matter in an effort to reduce the number of naysayers of the project. In truth, the creation of the XL Pipeline is terrible damaging the environment while also hurting the proposed workers of the project. It has been proven and stated by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) that “Tar sands oil is the dirtiest oil on

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