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Case Studies Campaign Analysis KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen Situation Kentucky Fried Chicken has recently gone through a branding remodel. Through this remodel, KFC learned that 76.5 percent of their customers were unaware that KFC offered an Extra Crispy Fried Chicken Recipe. Customers only associated KFC with their Original Recipe meaning that if they were looking for a crispier fried chicken option then they may go to another restaurant. KFC saw this lack of knowledge as an opportunity to educate their customers and other people that KFC does in fact offer an extra crispy recipe. KFC found that millennials were not typically engaged with their brand, so they also wanted to develop a campaign that reached the millennial audience. With Labor Day weekend approaching, KFC saw it has their opportunity to leverage the last summer holiday. Objectives This campaign included an output objective, informational objective, and behavioral objective. Below please find the KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen campaign objectives. • Break through the news cycle (Output) • Generate 350 million media impressions (Informational) • Increase sales of Extra Crispy Fried Chicken (Behavioral) This campaign was missing an attitudinal objective. The output and behavioral objectives were not specific and measurable with a timeframe and the informational objective was specific and measurable but did not have a timeframe. A critique would be that this campaign did not make all their objectives specific and

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