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KFC- Finger-lickin ' good Kentucky Fried Chicken Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the well-known fast food restaurants in the world. The industry was founded by Colonel Sanders. The corporation is based in Louisville, Kentucky and now regarded as the most famous chicken restaurant chain. It can be noted that each day, nearly eight million customers avails the products and foods offered by this fast food chain. KFC has more than 11, 000 branches in more than 80 nations and territories all over the world. An in quite a few US cities, Kentucky Fried Chicken is teaming up with its sister companies which are the A&W and All-American Food. KFC is among the most popular fast food brands in the world. Started out in the fifties, KFC now…show more content…
Implementation on non-traditional units including the following: * Shopping mall food courts * Universities * Hospitals * Airports * Stadiums * Amusement Parks * Office Buildings * Mobile Units 1. Increase profitability of KFC through the following: * Reduced overhead costs * Increased efficiencies * Improved customer service * Cleaner restaurants * Faster and friendlier service * Continued high quality products 1. Resolve franchise problems in the United States. Implied Objectives 1. Expansion of international operations to provide the following: * Increased percentage of overall sales growth * Increased percentage of profit growth 1. Increased expansion of franchises into Mexico 2. Expansion of franchise operation beyond Central America 3. Continued promotion of healthier image through removal of the word "fried" from the name 4. Improve menu selection of rotisserie MISSION (SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY) There’s more to kfc than great food. We promote education, diversity and animal welfare in a number of positive ways. 1.Colonel’s scholars The KFC Colonel’s Scholars Program is about you, your

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