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1.I would have to support PETA on this because there are so many ways that KFC and its other chains can stay as successful as they are and treat chickens in a humane matter. I am a vegetarian for many reasons. It’s my life style that I have obtained because I hate the texture of meat and can’t stand hearing the awful things this world does to innocent animals. They deserve happy healthy lives just like we do. I couldn’t imagine eating something that is treated so such disgusting ways. Many other fast food restaurants have made this major change, now it’s their turn to follow suit. I think that PETA was being a little harsh to exploit them so intently. They were given a certain amount of time to right their wrong. If they didn’t pull…show more content…
Maybe if they put more effort into convincing shareholders that this is right for the organization, there would be more votes. Their defense is that it is part of the food industry and it is too expensive to do anything about the situation. Their customers are not bothered by it so why should they change. They said PETA has corporate attacked them and crossed the line in expressing their views. Because of this I think they are rebelling against PETA. 4. Some of the efforts in their campaign were very extreme and unbelievable as I was reading. It is acceptable in many ways because KFC has done everything they could to reject every one of PETAs offers of enticing them to conform to what they are asking for in their campaign. If KFC wants to be that stubborn that is what it is going to take to make the change. What they are asking of them is not unreasonable. McDonalds and smaller fast food restaurants made it happen so can KFC. PETAs source of power in the corporate campaign is the desire of average people seeing themselves as humane and decent. 5. I commend them for what they are doing. I don’t think it is in proper for them to be pressuring KFC to change their ways. I think the law needs to be changed and petitioned for the fast food environment to change as a whole. Maybe they should be focusing more of their efforts on the law and public customs if pressuring KFC is not working. This way KFC will be forced by law to change their

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