Kfc Case Study

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Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) The first KFC was opened in Tiananmen Square, China 1987; it struggled as western food was unknown to the east. This was still a very conservative nation, not prepared for the “Fast Food” takeover. The restaurant did pretty well, but grew slowly. The Harvard business review, stated that “in 1992 the Chinese government granted foreign companies greater access to markets, KFC China’s managers gradually developed the blueprint that would transform the chain.” (Yums' China, 2017) Although they have done well for themselves they struggled, as growth was steady but slow and their customer base was shrinking. “In November 2016 Yum China Holdings, Inc. became a licensee of Yum brands in Mainland China; they have exclusive rights to KFC.” (Yums' China, 2017) Yum controls approximately 7,300 restaurants and more than 400,000 employees in more than 1, 100 cities. YUMS generated over $8bln in sales in 2015. In 2016 the majority of Yum shares are held by U.S.-based institutional investors including Vanguard Group, Corvex Management and State Street Corporation”. (Wong, 2016) The idea was to provide the company with better access to capital markets and to attract investors willing to pay for a piece of this lucrative pie. This fast food chain at the time had “17,000 outlets and more than $900 million cash on hand”. In September of 2016, yum sold a combined $460 million stake to Alibaba affiliate. A Beijing-based investment firm founded by former

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