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KFC: China's Favorite Chicken
Analizyng a Company´s Success

School of Economics and Management

Name - Number: Mariana Osorio - 220123813
Supervisor: Dr. Qiu Bin

September 10th, 2013
KFC: China's Favorite Chicken - Analizyng a Company´s Success
Mariana Osorio, 220123813
School of Economics and Management, Southeast University, 210096, Nanjing, China ABSTRACT
Kentucky Fried Chicken generates more annual profits in China than in its country of origin. In fact, the success of this firm is an example of the great market potential for foreign multinationals. By July 2013, KFC has 4,400 restaurants in 850 cities and the company plans to open another 700 by
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Thus, previously studying the Chinese culture will give the foreign companies some knowledge and some tools to use for their marketing plans and business strategies.

China is one of the few countries in the world where McDonald's is not the dominant chain in the world of western food. And that's not by accident. The imminent success of KFC in the Asian giant can be attributed mainly to the proper understanding and evaluation of the cultural context.

Kendeji, as it is called in China, is more than a company. It represents a foray into Eastern thought and at the same time a good exchange between Chinese and American culture.

2.1. The need to manage the business from local

It's hard to run a business in China from outside the country, and many of the biggest multinational companies ensure that the success is based on, from the beginning, having Chinese managers. These are the ones who obviously handle customer culture. It is essential to find the best Chinese talent and associates. Recruiting and training the best local professionals help companies to better understand their customers.

What happened in China with Yum! Brands, and with KFC in particular, had a lot to do with China division chairman and CEO Sam Su. "He really flexed the model," says a case study written by Harvard professor David Bell and Agribusiness Program director Mary Shelman. This was in part due to KFC being owned by PepsiCo when it first
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