Kfc Kentucky Fried Chicken

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KFC is a multinational fast food chain company that has successfully established itself in the Latin American market. It has a long history, going back to where Colonel Harland Sanders created its distinct recipes. The KFC brand is well known in Latin America, which makes it a powerful marketing tool to use against competitors, but presently, is not conducting business in two countries of South America such as Paraguay and Uruguay. Currently, KFC is under massive attacks from animal organizations, questioning the way KFC’s suppliers are threatening the chicken, before they got slaughtered. Anti-KFC campaigns are affecting KFC’s brand image in a negative way and result in direct dollar losses, as less people are consuming KFC chicken.…show more content…
The outlet is leaded by the Manager, assisted by two assistant managers, and one shift in-charge for each shift, that supervises the performance of counter workers and kitchen workers Performance Overview: KFC has taken advantage of all these excellent investment opportunities that Latin America countries offer for franchising and has expanded and penetrated the market a lot. In order to enter in Uruguay KFC needs to adapt to the legal and political environment and conditions. The culture from Uruguay would need also to mold the operations of KFC in Uruguay. All the outlets of KFC in would need present Uruguay food culture. KFC would need to display banners that it servers Uruguay food all over its outlets which represents Uruguay culture. They also offer families’ deals as the people are very close to their families and like to have food with them. KFC has also brought some changes in the culture of Uruguay. The most significant is the way it has changed the eating habits of the local population. People now are aware of unhygienic conditions that prevail in some of local restaurants. And KFC has also brought the idea of self-service in Pakistan Organizational Structure: The KFC adopted traditional structure for their outlets that other food chains are following. There is one General Manager
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