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Executive Summary
Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Malaysia is a major Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) operator in Malaysia and has been established for just over 20 years now. It serves mainly chicken related items, but offers side dishes to its consumers as well. Lately, more and more Malaysians have been opting for a healthier eating diet as a large number of them have become more health conscious. This has opened the door for KFC’s main competitors, such as McDonald’s, to come out with a new range of healthier products, allowing them to mount a greater challenge on KFC Malaysia’s current position as Malaysia’s leading fast food operator.
As a response to the advancement made by KFC’s competitors in providing healthier fast food, KFC are to
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As the only integrated food operator in Malaysia, KFC has undertaken operations in hatchery, breeder farms, feedmill, and processing. It does, however, import hatchers and incubators from Chickmaster, USA to be used in the hatching processes. KFC also has exclusive rights to Ross Breeders of Scotland to breed the fast-growing broilers. ²

2.1.2 The Company’s Market
KFC Malaysia uses the differentiated or segmented marketing strategy. The geographic, demographic, and psychographic variables are the 3 main segments that KFC Malaysia uses. Psychographically, KFC Malaysia’s market is mainly segmented based on the lifestyle its regular customers, basically those who have work on their hands all the time. This kind of customers would want quick-serving food, and KFC provides just that. Demographically, KFC Malaysia’s market segment is based on age. KFC caters to, generally, people who are roughly in the age group of 4 to 40 years old. Elderly people would not choose to go to any fast food outlets, including KFC, as their health is at stake. Geographically, KFC Malaysia’s market segment is largely based on density. There are around 340 KFC outlets in Malaysia, and most of them are situated in suburban and city areas. Figure 1 shows the locations of the KFC outlets all around Malaysia.

² Integrated Poultry Operations,

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