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Black: from case Blue: from other sources Case summary A year after closing the McDonald’s campaign, PETA started to target KFC (part of YUM brands) since KFC was behind its competition in protecting animal welfare. KFC made initial efforts to comply without providing specifics of how compliance is achieved, but it was not enough for PETA to give up its commitment towards animal welfare at KFC. Eventually, PETA launched a campaign called Kentucky Fried Cruelty. Study Questions for “PETA 's 'Kentucky Fried Cruelty, Inc. ' Campaign” 1a. How important is the issue of farm animal abuse? * Issue is very important to PETA. * Farm animal treatment may affect the bottom line (quality control, cost of additional processes) for…show more content…
* Consumer perception ties into the KFC’s sales. It’s difficult to crave fried chicken when a picture of a bloody chicken is given to you right before. * Since the case was published, PETA “won” in Canada. Canandian KFCs adhere to PETA’s requests and offer vegetarian options. Evaluate KFC’s responses to PETA’s demands. What nonmarket strategy would you recommend KFC adopt toward this Issue at the end of the case? Is this nonmarket strategy consistent with KFC’s Market strategy? KFC offered open channel for communication to PETA but in return of good faith where PETA did not launch a negative campaign it never provided specifics of adequate measure it has taken to ensure that an attempt is made to ensure animal welfare. KFC * * Market strategy * Employee empowerment/Supplier empowerment * Non-market strategy: Form a coalition with other restaurants to review animal welfare. Develop an industry award for best suppliers, taking into account ethical treatment of animals. Supplier best practices would be shared and KFC/other customers would be encouraged to buy chicken/meat products from the awarded supplier. The coalition would package a PR campaign with the good things happening in the industry. * Cost vs benefit analysis: immediately implement anything that keeps costs same or improves bottom line (in line with goal to drive

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