Kfc Supply Chain

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Released by the Ministry of Commerce hundred catering enterprises standings, Yum topped the list for many years, the turnover of the last three years were 13.33 billion, 16.9 billion and 207 billion, far ahead of second-enterprises, but also its old rival – McDonald’s global fast food far behind boss as the main subsidiary of Yum, KFC denied. 2007 is the 20th anniversary of KFC(Kentucky Fried Chichen) into the Chinese market, the number of branches in mainland China have more than two thousand. Behind the rapid development, efficient and smooth logistics system is a KFC a powerful weapon ahead of the competition.
1, the fast moving consumer goods supply chain requirements
Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG, Fast Moving Consumer Goods or
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This data is the order quantity is essential calculations, this data can also be used for costing the same day.
3. Supply resource file
It is affected by supply-side arrival time. This time depends on the time of transmission and processing orders, supplier response time of the order, the efficiency of distribution centers.
4. Procurement Plan
Distribution Center branch of the restaurant received orders for processing, such as the number of orders found abnormal fluctuations in a restaurant, the communication and confirm, the restaurant orders must be received 15 points in the end of the afternoon, after ordering the distribution center personnel view existing inventory and shipment data are not revised order, the next day by email or fax sent to the supplier, which according to the quantity and date for production and transportation to distribution centers.
5. Distribution Planning
According to the distribution centers indicated by the restaurant’s order number and the required raw material arrival time in the system, picking orders and shipments to generate summary tables, pickers, picking, packing, shipping transportation officer under the distribution plan summary arrangements, including: capacity approval, vehicle selection, delivery routes, transfer. The assessment team through the delivery vehicle loading efficiency, punctuality rate of fuel consumption and goods, safe rate were carried out.
3, the
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