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THE GROWTH OF KFC IN CHINA Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has achieved another milestone in delivery, the explosive growth in Asian region most particularly in their current trends in China that KFC fried chicken, burger and fries is gaining its way to superstardom. Currently their food store has been enjoying its popularity and outperforming their competition because of this one particular brand the “Yum Brand” KFC has taken advantage of the Chinese in their preferences and hunger to suit their oriental taste that has developed a product of national image, the technique is to source out food according to their taste changing and integrating their menu and style. The brand has been recognized to serve a good diet while KFC offers a…show more content…
They have also hired part time college students so they can be of help while they maintain their composure as a Chinese traditional store, these college students who have shown good performance will be hired and trained additional skills after their graduate because they have already learned the basics. There are billions of people living in this country so the first and foremost concern here is food security and safety in food handling they must be sure that the products they are going to cater is fresh and of high quality so they outsourced their supplies especially the chicken to supplier that can give the most reliable and secured protection system to maintain the confidence level of their customers. The large conflicting crowd should have one idea about the taste and preferences as much as possible they have outperformed the number one fast food chain which is McDonald. Sam Su also consider diversification of food items so that they can cater to a wider customer range especially those people who are healthy conscious about their body, they offer fat free food and vegetables menu to their customers that attract and re-invent even more heterogeneous customers demand. The wide variety of choices can help the customers to make healthy options and balance diet, their strategy also involve presenting their choices. They have also practice
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