Kfc, The United States And Ksa. Essay

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KFC in United States and KSA
KFC, still referred to by some as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a well-recognized international fast food chain that started as a gas stop diner in Kentucky. Due to the immense popularity, KFC restaurants are succeeding in their routine business throughout the world including United States and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The reason for their success lies in the fact that they have followed a preplanned strategy. Through these strategies, they have produced remarkable growth in the past five years. KFC is one of the few brands that continues to profit even during global economic crisis. Using SWOT, PESTLE, and also Porters five force analysis, it has been revealed that KFC is consistently increasing sales and expanding into a larger global market.
KFC is one of the most world famous chains of fast food because of the quality of food provided and menu of this restaurant. KFC was found by the Colonel Harland Sanders when he was facing life challenges. He had a bad past in his life and he faced a lot of difficulties. At the start, he did not have much to offer in the way of products for the restaurant. The headquarters of KFC headquarters are located in Kentucky. KFC is famous for offering salads, chicken pieces, wraps, and sandwiches.
Originally marketed as Kentucky Fried Chicken, the company has rebranded itself as KFC. Though McDonald’s has triple the sales, KFC is still has the second highest global sales (The
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