Khadaija Positive And Social Influence

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Khadaija has peers who have a positive and pro-social influence and peers who have a negative, delinquent influence with whom he has been associating for about five months. Khadaija currently spends 8 to 14 hours of free time per week with negatively influencing peers. Khadaija is particularly susceptible to the influence of her negative peers. There are indications that Khadija’s admiration for her delinquent peers is limited, but she usually follows their lead. Khadaija is helped by the positive influence of people with whom she has good relationships. Khadaija reported having a best friend who is supportive and a positive influence. She has one positive adult relationship in the community and is generally involved with her prosocial community organizations. Her friends and associates are close to her age. Khadaija and her mother report no gang involvement or affiliation. Ms. Tisdale reports the neighborhood can have a positive impact on her daughter because they live in a close-knit community. This probation officer notes the family resides within walking distance to a few high crime areas in the city of Portsmouth. This officer believes the neighborhood appears to have a positive influence on Khadaija, but she must make the appropriate decisions. Khadaija stated she has never used drugs, alcohol or tobacco. Khadaija has never participated in treatment or had an assessment for alcohol, or other drug use, but is receptive to participation in such a program. She stated she
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