Khalid Ibn El Waleed

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2013 | Leadership | | Cohort Five
Mohamed Abd El-Aziz El-behery |

[Khalid ibn Al waleed] | I am the pillar of Islam! , I am the Companion of the Prophet! , I am the noble warrior, I’m Khalid bin Al Waleed! |

Under supervision of Professor doctor: Ali Mosalam

"What an excellent slave of Allah: Khalid Ibn al-Walled, one of the swords of Allah, unleashed against the unbelievers!" [Prophet Muhammad (BPUH)], those great words were said by the prophet regarding a great hero and an amazing leader of the Islamic era , about a man that was a true believer , a man who was always using his mind to judge about what is right and what is wrong .
This is not biographical study of one of the greatest
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Khaled before conversion to Islam:
On reaching maturity Khalid 's main interest became war and this soon reached an obsession. Khalid 's thoughts were thoughts of battle; his ambitions were ambitions of victory. His urges were violent and his entire psychological thoughts were about military. He would dream of fighting great battles and winning great victories.
Khalid did not participate in the Battle of Badr which was the first battle fought between Muslims and Qurayshites. Khaled first appearance against Muslims was in the Battle of UHUD , he was appointed to lead the right wing (the cavalry ) of the Qurayshites Army ( although he was not the older , ) under the command of Abu Sufyan ( the chief of the clan ) , he showed a great deal of courage and military genius through leading his troops behind the Muslims army.
In 627 AD Khaled was a part of Quraish’s campaign against the Muslims, resulting in the Battle of the Trench, Khalid 's last battle against Muslims; actually he led his cavalry to cross the trench from the thinnest side.
Conversion to Islam:
Khalid’s hate for Islam was stimulated from his fathers and his people’s hate , this hate did not deprive him from thinking about Islam and why those Muslims are defending the new religion with their own soles , He
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