Khalid Legend Robinson

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When you hear that a kid that just graduated high school already has a platinum single you can’t help but wonder what you’re doing with your life. Khalid Legend Robinson is a 19 year old from El Paso, Texas with millions of followers all over social media and even more fans outside of it. If you think about it Khalid has already achieved way more in his life than most adults in their lifetimes! Especially being a newly graduate from high school this is an incredible achievement. I have to say and many others will agree, Khalid is the best new upcoming artist of the decade! As said in the previous paragraph, Khalid is from El Paso, Texas or what he also calls “The 915” which is the area code for the part of Texas where he’s from. He recently graduated from Americas High School and went on to be one of the most amazing musical artists of our time. Though Khalid has a great life now, when he was younger he had to move various times because of his parents serving in the U.S. military. Khalid never really knew where his mind was mentally until his mom was stationed in El Paso. Growing up Khalid had a passion for singing from his mom. His mom wanted to be a R&B singer in the past, but chose to serve instead. He grew up with music all around him which only heated up his passion for music. He met and made great friends in El Paso…show more content…
SoundCloud is a music sharing platform similar to Spotify and Pandora. He released his first couple songs Saved and Stuck On You to his SoundCloud page and also eventually wrote and shared Location which was his breakthrough song and has over 12.5 million streams on SoundCloud. The celebrity Kylie Jenner posted a Snapchat of her and her friends listening to Location on her story which also helped with the success of the song. On March 3rd, Khalid released his first album American Teen that has 15 songs including Location. Khalid soon hit the Billboard Top 10 list with his new
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