Khap Panchayats in India

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Introduction Casteism has been prevalent in the Indian society since the times immemorial. Ill-treatment at the hands of the people belonging to the upper caste was a common practice for the people belonging to the lower castes. The decisions in various issues were made by the upper castes mostly in favour of their own caste. The punishment for a crime was much more severe for the individual of a lower caste as compared to the punishment awarded for the same crime to the individual of a higher caste. The rules made were incorporated in such a manner as to benefit the ones who made them (i.e. the upper caste). The women had little say in the working of the society in most parts of the country and had to abide by the rules (some of which…show more content…
A number of Khaps formed a ‘Sarva Khap’ area-wise equivalent of a state/province. The Khap/Sarva Khap was called when there was some problem over an area and the solution was decided there. The decision was implemented in the area applicable. Leaders were elected and appointed at the ‘Khap’ level that maintained records of decision and had the authority to call an assembly. The people from the village panchayats were elected or nominated to attend the proceedings of the Khap. The Khap has a reference as far back as 2500 BCE, and has been there mostly among the Kshatriyas. The Khap panchayats are present in the north-west India till the northern part of Madhya Pradesh including the Malwa region. The states where the Khap panchayats are found are Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and some part of western Uttar Pradesh. These are most prominent in Haryana and are found in a majority of districts. The Khap were responsible for the following of religion by the people under them and framed the social customs for the people to follow. They were responsible for defending their region from attacks and succeeded in many instances. The decisions taken by the Khap panchayats were final and impending and had to be followed by all concerned. The present day scenario The Khap panchayats claim to be the political arm of the Hindu brotherhood. They are mostly present in the Jat dominated areas and are responsible for

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