Khepera Charter School Essay

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Located in the heart of North Philadelphia, Khepera Charter School is a public charter school currently serve about four-hundred students. Now, Khepera Charter School has limited technological resources. There are only five projectors in the school. Due to budget cuts, the school had to eliminated computer classes. The special education classes are only equipped with two desktop computers, used for supplementary support for the students. Unfortunately, the computers are out of date and technology is frequently not working. In the general education classes, teachers sign out the projectors to use for the day. Projectors used are only used for literacy and math lessons; Khepera Charter School only has online software for the math and…show more content…
Instructional design allows teachers to focus on the need of their students, and become more involved with designing instructional activities to ensure students are reaching the learning objective. “Specifically, in recent years, national initiatives for educational reform have generated support for both teacher-centered instruction and activity-oriented, student-centered methods of teaching that stress meaningful learning applied to real-world problems.” (Morrison et al.,2013. p.2013) In order to effective teach, it is vital assess the needs for teachers and students in their learning environment. There is a lack of technology in Khepera Charter School. Updated technological resources will allow students to be more engaged in learning, and teachers will have resources needed to compliment and differentiate instruction.
Needs Analysis

Morrison describes “six identifiable categories of needs are used for planning and conducting a needs assessment.” (2013, p.31) Identifying the needs for Khepera Charter School falls under the anticipated or future needs category. Anticipated needs focus upon possible changes that will occur in the future. To identify the type of need, “interviews and questionnaires.” (Morrison et al., 2013, p.34)

Learner’s Characteristics for the Identified Need
“Learning styles are traits that refer to how individuals approach learning tasks
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