Khepera Mobile Robots For Search And Rescue Operation

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Khepera Mobile Robots for Search and Rescue Operation
Keywords: Mobile Robot, Explore Unknown Map with Obstacles, Gas Detection, V- rep, Khepera III, Albers Algorithm.
Abstract: Nowadays, using robots instead of humans in risk operations is an interesting point in the field of robotics. In this paper we introduce an integrated approach for search and rescue operation of detecting gas sources in large areas; e.g. houses, factories, and labs. This aims at saving people’s lives at bottlenecks resulting from gas leak and ignition of fires. Experiment is performed using master Khepera robot supplied with gas sensor circuit to search map, in addition to two slave Khepera supplied with gripper to take the best path to clinch the victim.
Moreover, this paper proposes an improvement of Albers exploration algorithm to reduce the time required to explore unknown map with different polygon obstacles. The proposed approach aims to minimizing the overall exploration time, making it possible to localize fire sources in an efficient way, as demonstrated in
Vrep simulation as well as real world experiments with Khepera III robot. A comparison among different algorithms has showed the effectiveness of the proposed one where the percentage of performance speedup is about 30% to 57% depending on size of the map and number of obstacles.
Autonomous Robots are meant to perform searching operations inside buildings, mines and caves , which are considered extremely serious. These

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