Khunianupu's Tale Of The Eloquent Peasant '

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Tale of the Eloquent Peasant This is poem about a man going to another town to bring back bread for his family. The man’s name is Khunianupu and wanted to provide for his family. There are some things that happen in this article that are realities and some things that don’t happen anymore. To me I feel like the author agreed to the realities because there are some men in this world that are trying to provide and do things for their family and are still struggling to do so. Like Khunianupu he met some people along his journey. In real life you are going to meet people that will be a blessing to you and your family. This man named Fellah kept saying, “my good ways,” but he went to his ruler and said that Khunianupu was trespassing. Khunianupu
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