Ki-Bora's Short Story: Who Are You?

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A reflection of himself flashed in his brunette eyes through the practice room mirror, his sweat and dark circles visible. Ki-bora's body was strained and clearly tired. Exhaustion looming over him like a rain cloud, contrasting to his stage name Cloud that would make you think of the cottony alternative, he walked over to the bench in the corner of the room. The ravenette gave out almost immediately and he fell onto the wooden seat unceremoniously. Moreover, his eyes could hardly be kept open. He pulled his phone out of his floored bag and logged into the Messenger. Letterings were jumbled as he typed his drowsy message: oh my gid xan someone pick me up from the dance studuo i legyt cant walk and yhere are prolly no cabbies ?? i forgot to chekc the time and it ended up being latet tahn i thouggt..…show more content…
The bit about no cabs being out and about was true, though. The pitch-headed boy usually carpooled with one of his band mates. Ki-bora's hand had a very loose and dangerous grip on his phone; if he fell asleep, it'd probably fall out of his hands and shatter on the floor. He had only stayed so late because his superior, Jumin, had suggested it in the first place. Consequently, his ambition got the better of him and turned him into an incoherent mess of the dreadful grammar he hated so much. Ki-bora forced himself to sit up. Staying awake until he got a response was his ultimate goal at the moment, so he began rocking back and forth to keep his body moving and the energy flowing like a never ending river. Already hooded and ringed with sleep, his eyes began to flutter even more than they already were, so Ki-bora stood and did various stretches while trying to ignore the aching that came from perfecting his
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