Kiah: A Short Story

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When Kiah’s world gets turned upside down, she ends up holding on to hope in search of the best outcome. At the young age of sixteen, Kiah lives nothing less than an abnormal life. With the impression that everything is about to get better, Kiah receives life threatening news. Interestingly, Kiah understands that she has it much better than some people but she struggles with many things in her life. Having parents that were never really around, Kiah was raised by many different Nannies’. Growing up, Kiah always found herself to somehow always be the odd man out. As she got older she began to use her parent’s inheritance to her advantage. Kiahs mom and dad felt it was much easier for their nanny to take care of her. They would have much rather…show more content…
Kiah had a strong passion for many different sports in her life. It just so happened that the chemo had made her bones very fragile and made it so she wasn’t allowed to play sports or participate in physical activity for the next five years. Not being able to play volleyball, basketball, or run track, Kiah thought her life was over. Being in sports gave her an out. Running and being active let all of her emotions out. She had never been one that was interested in speech in debate, or different teams throughout her school. She did not want to be the drama geek, or the girl that wasn’t involved. How was she ever going to become homecoming queen if she wasn’t interacting with the rest of the school? Kiah felt the utmost defeate in this moment. Everything that she had worked for her whole life was suddenly ripped out from underneath her. When Kiah finally returned to school, she could feel everything so different. The teachers treated her as a baby, the kids called her “the cancer girl,” and when she walked through the hallway she only heard people talking about her. While sitting in her algebra class, she heard some kids talking about a party this weekend, little did she know, this party was going to change her life…show more content…
She went on with her uneasy behavior for a while. One day she was in the city getting her fix when she came across a guy named Robbie. He was sweet, funny, and had a head on it shoulders. When he introduced himself, she was flattered. He had no idea what kind of life she was living. That Saturday, they met for coffee. She had never met someone so down to earth. Being with him was a love she hadn’t felt sense she was a young girl. They started hanging out more, and over time, she no longer felt the need to get high. She didn’t care that she had recovered from cancer, or that she did not really have anything to do with her parents, Robbie made her happy. When she was with him, she strived to be a better
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