Kid Play Zone Research Paper

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the parents and what they would want in a kid play zone. Parents and kids love to have fun, but parents want their kids to have fun while remaining safe. For instance, when parents take their child or children to a playground or a play zone, the parents want their child to have fun, but also to be safe at the same time. Parents want to make sure that the playground or the play zone is safe enough for their child or children to play on, but kids don’t want to play in a kids zone or playground that is boring. While parents do want an entertaining play zone for their children, the data show that they care about their child’s safety and entertainment. The source because states that parents would feel better about their kids having fun if the child’s or childrens’ safety was guaranteed by the staff of the play zone or daycare. For example, “Parents should make sure that the playground equipment or daycare equipment is safe enough for their child to play on.”…show more content…
This source is a good source to use because it does give some input about how kids feel about being safe. Although, it doesn’t give a complete thought about how children feel about being safe, it still gives us a sense as to how kids feel about safety. I also agree with the source because it does give the viewer some insight about how children would feel about the action parents would take to make sure that their child is safe and to make sure that everything is smooth, so that way the child would remain safe and
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