Kid Stage Analysis

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I saw the world as a stage. As a child, I was a jokester. Even though I was a jokester, I had another side where I was a bossy and stubborn child. When I was a little girl I loved to boss around my big sister as well as other people (my grandparents, parents, friends, etc). I definitely knew how to be manipulative and ensure I got what I wanted. I was a tattle-tale as a kid and I threw my sister under the bus--a lot. For example, I would throw a temper tantrum meaning I refused to do anything for the person until they completed what I wanted them to do. I loved to be the leader and wanted everything to go my way as much as possible. Now that I am older, I did carry a little bit of this characteristic with me since I love having organized plans…show more content…
I loved the feeling I got when I laughed so hard that a person or even I could not breathe, which happened often. To this day I still love saying things that make me and/or other people laugh. I hear from many amounts of people saying that I laugh a lot, which I love to take as a compliment because it makes me feel like I am a cheerful person in general. The lesson I learned is whenever you grow out of your kid stage and become a young adult you will miss having the freedom and a I-don’t-have-to-care-about-anything-except-my-toys attitude you had as a child. Now that I am a Junior in high school, the thought of graduating next year and going to college is completely mind-blowing to me. Just a few seconds ago I was napping, snacking, playing on the playground, and participating in show-and-tell in elementary school. Now, I am worried about getting my GPA up, my SAT/ACT score, what college I want to apply to, what I have for homework, etc. I miss being able to watch Dora the Explorer on the weekends and having a more care-free attitude, now I have to worry about silly things like what I should wear so I can impress my friends and cute
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