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How To Avoid Kidnapping ? You are in danger at any place and at any time. Thus, it is necessary to exercise safety everywhere you go and even at your home. | Here are some of the ways in which you can exercise safety and can avoid being kidnapped: Tips on How To Avoid Kidnapping ?: * Take different routes at different times from home to work and vice-versa. Make sure that all the members of your family practice this, especially children. Make changes in your routine in such a way that you go unnoticed by the perpetrator. * Avoid wearing expensive accessories (jewelry) that would reflect your wealth and identify you as a person from a rich family or an employee of a wealthy company. * Avoid traveling alone, safety…show more content…
Effects of Kidnapping on Victims: * Trauma - The trauma caused by the experience of confinement and apparent danger can lead to the victim developing insecurities and phobias. * Stockholm Syndrome - Sometimes victims start showing signs of loyalty towards the kidnappers as a psychological response to the situation. Sometimes, victims even defend the actions of the kidnappers even after being freed. Effects of Kidnapping on Kidnappers: * Lima syndrome - If the kidnappers keep their victims in captivity for a prolonged period of time, they start becoming sympathetic towards their victims. This is almost the exact opposite of Stockholm Syndrome. Out of sympathy, the kidnappers start giving in to the victim's needs. * Effects of kidnapping can vary from person to person. Children may be more susceptible to psychological disorders as a consequence of captivity. The duration of captivity and also the conditions under which the victim is kept determines what effect it will have. The kidnappers also may get affected by the victims. Mutual sympathy may be an effect of kidnapping especially when the victim and perpetrator are in each other's presence for long; this happens when imprisonment is long. Definition Of Kidnapping Kidnapping is the act of taking away or detaining a person without his/her consent or will and this is done by fraud or force. The kidnapped person is kept in a confined room or a false imprisonment (intentionally detaining the
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