Kids And Sports Research Paper

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In 2008, 30.2% of youth ages 6 to 12 were active to a healthy level through sports(“Facts”). This shows that some kids are getting the minimum amount of physical activity. To raise this level, all kids should include sports in their daily life. All kids should be engaged in sports. Regular activity is required for good health and high school athletes are more likely to attend college. Regular physical activity is beneficial to health in many ways(“Facts”). A comprehensive study and analysis of existing research found that leisure time physical activity is associated with reduced risk of 13 types of cancers(“Facts”).Physical activity will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Accordingly regular physical activity impacts health in many ways.…show more content…
There’s a relative lack of access for minority children to participate in sports.(“Facts”).Athletic scholarships can be made available for people who cannot afford it.Therefore there is access for all kids to play sports. Standard activeness is a greater extent to good health and high school students that are engaged with sports are more prosperous.In conclusion, schools should make it mandatory for kids to be involved in
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